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Quiet Night
Hobgoblins and Strange shadowy wispy creatures. A room with both and a pit trap as well, we were hard pressed to fight through. And with them as intelligent as we are, both sides moved into flanking positions to aid in our attacks. Yet, with Feanor's magic and Lathander's grace, we quickly proved the victor. Following the destruction left behind by the previous group before us, we traveled down some stairs to see three Hobgoblins asleep. Well trained, but not ready for the fierce fighting force me and my brothers in arms have become.
Though the fighting was fierce and deadly, but they were quickly dispatched and we headed down yet more stairs, these slick and difficult due to moisture from the next room. A watery path, a deep chasm, and a strange old man appearing before us. Informing us that more perils awaited ahead, he healed the party to full health and allowed us to set camp before moving forward, towards the Tomb Spider.
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