You've been exploring the countryside for a few weeks now. On your way to a new place and new opportunities. There's many here in the country of Dalabon. You may or may not be from the country, but it's endless choices spoke to you, and for one reason or another you're here striving for a goal.

The surrounding area is dark and you decide to start setting up camp. Setting your pack down you find some firewood and start about making yourself comfortable a little way off the path. You've chosen a relatively safe spot to rest. Pulling out some substanence from your supplies you settle down to a fulfilling (if lacking in enjoyability) meal of rations. Suddenly you hear a loud noise in the area behind you. On alert you reach for your weapon, but you're too late. A spell hits you from behind and you immediately feel fuzzy. You're vision starts going black and a ringing fills your ears. In seconds you're passed out on the ground, helpless to whatever attacked you. You can only hope you'll wake up tomorrow.

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