• Rokkon_background_thumb
    Rokkon Stonedarr Half-Giant (Goliath)/M/Stkr/Indomitable Champion!/24
    "And my ties are severed clean, Less I have the more I gain, off the beaten path I reign."
    Description:$1 No longer the weak half-giant braid; The chieftain of the Stonedarr clan stands tall and powerful. Scars tell his story better than any bard (save for maybe Arshaka), covering much of the seven-and-a-half foot giant. Where once simple slave's rags kept him modest, Stonedarr is now adorned...
    Background:$1 Rokkon Stonedarr is no longer nameless and without clan. After the destruction of Slither and the evil lich Yarnath, Rokkon freed his people and became their champion. His time with the Stonedarr was limited, however, as Athas still calls to him. Evil defilers still command much of the w...
    Details:In one hand he wields the Champion's Fang, a waraxe of impressive power; ever seeking the indomitable foe. In the other his prize at the mouth of Slither, Fleshharrow. A wicked blade that seems to continue cutting long after the blade has withdrawn from the body.
  • M_human7_thumb
    Khossus Human/M/Def/Fighter/17
    "Thnk my sword hurts?! Then taste my shield!!"
    Description:Khossus is a brooding and intimidating, albeit cynical human in heavy plate armor.
    Details:Due to his years as an enslaved gladiator & endentured sentry Khossus can be vicious and unforgiving. In the depths of his sole, however, he is fiercely loyal and believes deeply in a code of honor.
  • Obsidian_man_thumb
    Arshaka Shardmind/M/Ldr/Crystalmind Bard Athasian Minstrel/15
  • Chuka-tet_thumb
    Chuka-Tet Thri-Kreen/M/Ldr/Sentinel Druid/11
  • No_img_thumb
    Sark Halforc/M/Contr/Witch(wizard)/16

Retired Characters

  • M_tiefling1_thumb
    Toranda (Retired) Tiefling/M/Contr/Psion/4
  • Class_humanfighter_thumb
    Kallista (Retired) Tiefling/F/Stkr/Sorcerer/10
    "I know the movements of the stars. I understand the phases of the moon. You, however, leave me completely confused. I don't like being confused. "
    Description:It is fortunate that I am beautiful. It is a useful disguise. Men who stare at my curves fail to see the fire in my eyes and the purpose in my actions. Okay, I admit I enjoy the fine clothes and ornaments I wear. Feel free to give me more. Maybe I'll favor you with a dance or . . .
    Background:I grew up in the wastes, the eldest of two sisters. The wise men of my clan claim my birth was an omen, a warning of changes to come. They may be right. I see things in the stars. I know I am to play some role so I can no longer wander the desert. I feel the pull of the moon, the stars. I must...
    Details:I am born of a cursed race but I will redeem myself. My actions will not add to the destruction and suffering that fill our world. I know that my gift, my magic, is the key.
  • M_human6_thumb
    Gurthmore Spikefist (Retired) Mul/M/Stkr/Barbarian /1
    "Greatings! I am your exicutioner."

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