Why do we believe? Because we need to. It is natural for man, as natural as breathing. If not, everything we are and everything we do would be our responsibility.

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A new journey
“Arf arf arf” Barked a happy dog as Shiro ran in between Nathan's legs playfully trying to trip him. Reaching down to pet his friend a hand was placed on the top of his head tussling his hair as the warm voice of his mentor chided.
“Now Nathan you'll have time to play later, and Shiro isn't a toy.” She slowly moved her hand back to his leading his way. “She is a part of you and you need to respect her.”
“But I do respect her.” Nathan whined. “I play with her all the time, we read stories together, and we even practice magic!”
Allowing a quick chuckle the woman continued on with her lecture. “The sheele are not just our friends, though we should certainly respect them as such, but our very soul. I know you can't fully understand right now but please treat them more carefully then you are right now. I can't always be there to help, and with the mission you're going on right now, I won't be able to.”
“I do understand, they are a part of me or something, I just need to be careful right? Wait... You're not coming?” Nathan tilted his head down with a twinge of disappointment. “But who is going to teach me things? Can I still keep my books? Can Shiro come? Is it going to be far? Am I going to make friends there?”
Allowing another laugh she sat down looking at her clearly panicking student. “Settle down Nathan, of course Shiro can come, she's your partner isn't she?”
“Do you really want to keep those books?”
“Do you want to make new friends?”
“Are you going to be afraid?”
“Ye.. N... M-maybe...”
“What if I told you, you can get more friends like Shiro?”
“I CAN GET MORE LIKE SHIRO?!” yelled Nathan with much excitement.
The sudden outburst of pure joy had caught her a little off guard. It was clear that her student cleared loved the little creatures, and she was happy that someone else could share her love of bringing more “friends” into the world.
“Yes Nathan, you can, but don't bring too many here or else it won't be safe for them. You only have enough power to keep a few of them.”
“But you have... 1...2...3...4...5....6! Six of them! Can I get that many?! Five new friends, we could play hide and seek, put on a play, we could have story time everyday!”
“I have six because I've been around for a long time Nathan. What do I tell you every day?”
Sighing... “Practice every day and look for new things to learn.”
“Good. We are almost there, Michael will have already left I suspect so all you need to do is wait.”
“Wait for what?”
“You'll see...”
“No I won't...” Nathan made a point to wave his hand about in front of his face.
“We both know you can see through Shiro.”
“But it's no fun in hide and seek if I can always see through her eyes.”
“Were you playing hide and seek just now?”
“Shiro don't tell her that! Now she knows.”
“Please make sure you keep your... her eyes open. It might get dangerous for a while so please make sure you watch over our charge.”
“Charge? Are we running somewhere?”
“No Nathan a charge is.... Nevermind, we are here.”
Reconnecting his senses to Shiro he looked out at the dunes, they looked boring until the though of treasure being buried somewhere enticed him.
“Can we go exploring?”
“Not right now Nathan, do you remember why we are here?”
“Not at all?”
“Um... was it... to go treasure hunting?”
Another audible sigh was let through. “No Nathan, do you see that man over there?”
As Nathan turned his head towards where she was pointing a man with white hair was lying on the ground. “Yes, why is he asleep on the ground? that doesn't look very fun.”
“He's who you are supposed to meet.”
“Oh, what's his name?”
“Alvin. You are here to help him.”
“Oh. Will he be my friend?”
“Do you want him to be?”
“I want everyone to be my friend.”
“What about the bad men?”
“Well everyone but them....”'
“You're here to help him make the bad men go away.”
“Like we did the last time?”
“Oh... Okay... if I do good can I get my um l-li-lice-license?”
“You yes, but only if you do really good.”
“I'll try”
“Good, please do. Remember to read the scriptures if you need help, and you can always ask Alvin for help.”
“But the scriptures are boring... Can I read my other books too?”
“Only after you've read your scriptures... You remember your other training?”
“Ok then, just wait here until he wakes up and then help him out. Can you do that?”
“Yes I can!” He said as he puffed his chest up proudly. Shiro followed suit and barked a confirmation.
“Alright then good luck!” The woman turned around and started walking slowly away.”

After walking far enough outside of vision distance the woman removed the cloak covering her face. As the brown cloth gave way to a shining white material she called out. “Haley please take a message to Michael, We have brought Nathan to Alvin, and though I believe he is not quite ready for an undertaking such as this, if he can learn to grow from these trials, we will have gained a valuable member and friend. I pray for Mikael's success in this, and may Abel's wisdom shine through him.” Goodbye Nathan, when we meet again let it be at your success, not your failure.

“Shiro go check, is she finally gone?”
The little puppy scampered off out of site only to return a few moments later with an affirmative bark. Nathan smiled as he pulled a book out of his small backpack. There were only a few tomes that could fit, let alone be light enough for him to carry, but they were the good ones.
“Come on Shiro lets read them together.” Shiro happily jumped up onto Nathan's lap and put her head right above the pages. Even though he could look through her eyes he was content to let her do the actual reading and relay the story he had read so many times through her barking. For the most part he could understand what she was saying, it came with her being a part of him, but more then that she just spent so much time as a dog these days that their communications had gotten much better.
“Woof woof, Bark, Arf Gr” She went on reciting the tale of the mighty Alturia, one of the most famous creatures in Gaia. The mighty battles that were fought agains nightmares and creatures even the mightiest of heroes were scared of. He started to get excited, reading stories like these were always fun. You got to play pretend, imagine all of the people and creatures. It was really fun, and never boring. Every time he read the story he imagined a different fight where the mighty lion alongside the Emperor Giovanni would take down another terrifying creature. Of course he was the Emperor each time, but he always made it so Arturia lived, because even though his friend would die to save him, he didn't want that. He was just so powerful that he could always defeat the bad men just in time to save everyone. That's what a hero should do. Save everyone. Even the animals deserved to be saved.

This time Arturia and him were fighting a giant shadow dragon. Shiro barked waiting for him to read with her as he excitedly looked down at the book and said...

“Shiro! What happens next?!”

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"Alvin, rise."

It was the first thing I remember. Waking up on the soft sand. Looking up at the gleaming eyes of Michael the high Seraphim, leader and prophet of the Twelve Saints. The one called Cherubim by those who follow his light. But I didn't know that then, I couldn't remember anything, not even who I was.

"Your life will not be the same. You will not remember much about your past. You will have to learn again how to speak, move, fight. It will take time, but no time at all. All that is important is your mission. Head northeast, find the one with the flaming sword. You will not remember him, but you knew him in your past life. You are now a representation of Mikael's power."

I trained, I learned how to fight. I learned arts that allowed me to accept fate into my bosom and turn it into power to throw back at my enemies. I became the unmovable pillar of Mikael. Ancient arts of fighting were infused into my being. I was told ten years passed while the woman named Gaen trained me. But when I awoke at the end of it, no time had passed at all. I was laying in the same spot in the sand, gazing up at the moon. This time Michael and Gaen were gone, instead a boy sat by my side, holding a small puppy, blank stare focused intently on the pages his eyes couldn't read."

"Shiro! What happens next!?"

My life has completely changed. Alvin Bartimeus is dead. I am now Alvin the Risen.
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Rest in pieces
“We both know what you want, and if you side with me you'll...”

The sentence was never finished. Her kidney has been pierced by the manticore's spines, but surprisingly without pain. Time slowed down as she fell, the Marshall’s words resounded in her mind. “The supernatural corrupts, Quinn. The complications that come from meddling in such arts are often of great consequence.” That damn Marshall... only telling me of my potential but never where to direct it.

If only the father hadn't died, she had been ready to confess everything. Her life and her abilities, she needed the absolution, but her hope faded as the figure of the church tried to eat her. She remembered watching in horror as Alvin destroyed the father with only a few punches to the face... How could he not feel that. Where was the hesitation in that strike. Where was her own courage. She had done nothing but ran. After the corpse stopped moving they had made the notion to go tell the Marshall. Something a wise person should have, but how wise could you be after your world was just shattered. The conversation with the Marshall was short and simple, but after leading him to the site, the body was gone. He said nothing, but with the look she received, he didn't need to. There was some semblance of blame in his eyes, a look of disgust when he looked upon what had happened. He calmly walked back to the fortress, without saying a word. For the first time in her life, she went to her room and cried.

That face would come to haunt her many times. When first learning of her summoning abilities, when using anything psychic, even when trying to use her powers for the church. It was not just in his face, but in those of her friends. When she first tried to summon that little lizard, Wade had tried to stop her. It was such an innocent little creature. Surely it could not cause any harm. Her beauty had been scarred because of it, but her curiosity could not be sated. She should have listened.

Upon completion of her first ritual she had been filled with such joy, this little creature had come to her. It was her's to command completely. All of her the fame she had achieved couldn't compare to the joy she felt at having something completely at her disposal. But as it sat there looking her, her heart changed a little. It had been just so adorable that she felt guilty about bringing it here for her own means. As she continued to feed it, she found herself becoming attached to the small thing. After a few moments her powers were unable to keep it there, and she watched with a slight melancholy as it dissipated into the air.

She knew they had seen. Upon receiving the cut from Wade she was worried about what the rest of her companions might do. Nothing was ever said though. Nothing. Perhaps their vision of her had changed, or maybe they were just doing their best to avoid it. Either way they came to rely on it when facing the Blade Demon. Sending her little friends in, and watching them get attacked was almost as painful as the strike that had claimed her first kidney.

Was she really the type of monster who sacrifice something if it suited her? Was bringing these creatures really what she was supposed to do in life? The thought of helplessness creep-ed back into her mind. During the trek back to the base it consumed her mind. Alvin, Wade, Elias, Elise, Marius, Lance. All of them had abilities that made them useful. All had fought equally as hard in the battle... but not her.

As her body crashed into the ground, the pain became completely unbearable. A quick scream was all she could manage before her voice stopped working. She thought everything would work out fine. That she would finally be worthy of standing next to her comrades. She had never been so wrong. The creature stood towering over her with a gleam in its eye. In the blink of an eye, her body had crumpled. As the beast raised her up opening its mouth. The last image she saw before her eyes closed forever, were the claws she had used to destroy her life, and the jaws they had summoned.
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The shadow behind the face...
It starts off as the tale of a young girl named Sara, with extraordinary mental prowess. She was born to normal parents on a farm, who were neither poor nor rich. They introduced her to the arts at an early age hoping that she could transcend their social position. It worked for the most part, but unfortunately her eagerness to learn was becoming an unhealthy obsession. At the age of three she already studying religious texts, of both good and evil. Her fascination with the ability to make someone do whatever you wanted, drove her to near insanity. At the age of four she took over her own parents mind. Not realizing the implications of what her power's had done to her parents minds, she continued to push the bounds of her power's soon submitting others to her unbreakable will. By the age of eight the entirety of the small town she called home was her's to command. It wasn't long after this that the inquisition set a small force to investigate the town's unusual activity. Her battle against the inquisitor's lasted a few days before fatigue claimed her and she was captured, but not before the entire town has been sacrificed to save herself.

Her trial had not been pleasant, the amount of constraints placed upon ravaged her mind with every second. Unable to concentrate on anything she had only hazy memories of what took place. A monster, that's what they had called her. The sentence had of course been death. What else was there. At the age of eight she was an enemy of the church, and her soul was condemned to hell. It's a shame they weren't familiar with the phrase, “you never know what a cornered beast might do”. They did after that. When the soldiers came to carry out her sentence, she used her last bits of energy to force them to aid in her escape. If it had been a proper prison, escape wouldn't have worked but they made the mistake of carrying out her trial at a small keep. Once outside of prison she manged to drudge to the nearest town, continuing her spree of mental control heading outside of dominion territory. The tattoo’s given to her were a source of constant pain, and a reminder of what people would think of her.

She managed to avoid dominion forces for the next four years of her life, during such time as she developed her artistic abilities and changed her name. Quinn was born. Quickly gaining fame as a prominent hair stylist she branched out to paintings as well as sculpting, finding the same joy in creating works of art as using her psychic abilities.

Through the course of the next few years, she would find some less favorable groups to finally remove her tattoo's unleashing her full potential. Time had dulled her aggression towards the church but she also knew if she openly used her powers they would find her again.

She took to the shadow's for a while, but not alone. At eighteen she went into hiding again, but bringing along a number of girls with similar looks, and all with some psychic inclination. She spent the next year “conditioning” them into her personal clones before sending them back out to the world. During the next few years her fame soared, she was known all across the land. Quinn F Morgann was now a household name. Letting her copies take over her alias entirely she slunk back into the shadows. Quietly waiting. Every now and then one of them would get caught by the church and a few were even executed. Her inquisitive and somewhat innocent personalities she gave them seemed to land them in trouble. It was no bother to her though, since the church wouldn't dare speak tell that someone like Quinn could bother to exist.
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Carving A New Path
Another month has gone by. How long has it been since I left home? Time was passing quickly and it was making me extremely anxious. The burning in my chest never went away, it only grew as time passed on. I surprised myself with my progression. Teaching myself things I thought not possible, and at such speed! It really had worked, Gaen's "procedure", but now what? My father was still alive, I was miles away from my home, and stuck on this awful boat. All I could do to keep from throwing myself overboard and just swimming back to Albidion was to train. It was the only time I was ever able to calm down, to focus. I ever trained Quinn for a while. That was quite the experience. I'll give her some credit though, he did better than I thought she would....he would.

But STILL, what was the point of it all. Why was I even on this stupid boat. Stuck in the military, some dog fighting some stupid crusade. Not even the marshal seemed to care when I finally told him about my predicament. Is no one besides me concerned that I'm going to DIE?! And having accomplished what?

I stopped myself from going through the cycle again. I'd thought it through a million times: my family, my predicament, my impending doom. Then I'd get angry, train for 12 hours straight and start back at the beginning the next day.

I sighed, leaning against the side of the boat, peering out over the endless sea. I needed to make a decision. I couldn't live like this anymore, it was driving me insane. I needed to do something, change something, but I was so trapped.

I thought of Elias. Of punching through that stupid church window, and saving him from that insane woman. At least I could still protect him. He had finally started to get his act together and I couldn't let him slip again Wasn't that my goal in the first place, to protect him and Elise? I laughed. I'd been so caught up in the thought of killing my father that I'd forgotten why I needed to do it in the first place. I had to save Elias, like I always did. Even though I couldn't protect the rest of my family I could still protect them couldn't I? It was decided then. I would only worry about what I could control. Train, and protect Elias. I couldn't think about my father anymore until I had the power to do something about it. Until then, whether or not I died, I would move forward, towards wherever Abel took me next.
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